I attended the pro-life rally that took place on Saturday 10th March 2018. I have to say up front that I am pro-life and against repealing the 8th amendment. I am not affiliated with any pro-life movement, but I strongly identify as pro-life. I want to make this very clear – I am not anti-choice, I am anti-abortion.

I’ve photographed a fair few gatherings, marches and protests in my time. To be honest, I wanted to document this event for personal reasons. I really wanted to get a feel of who was there, the atmosphere and to record as much as I could. I have never been to a pro-life rally and there are various reasons for this, one of them being that I have never felt the need to go to one and another that I was always worried about being lumped in with the extreme pro-life groups out there. This was different though. For the first time in my life I really feel a sense of jeopardy that the 8th is truly under threat, for all the wrong reasons. I have actually explained why I’m pro-life in this rather long and somewhat tedious explanation I’ve posted on my personal social media. You can read that at this link here: https://ginghamskyphotography.files.wordpress.com/2018/03/doc.jpg if you have some time to kill.

So I went. There were so many people, so many. I have shot in this environment before; I can honestly say hand on my heart that I have never, ever, ever seen so many people march like this before. Whether you are pro-choice or pro-life, the sheer sea of humanity was an utterly moving sight.

It was a bit drizzly and grey at the beginning but the sun came out and the day turned beautiful as time passed. I went early and took a few shots of those milling about, waiting to get started and then followed the front of the march as far as the Talbot Memorial Bridge to the corner of City Quay. The people just kept coming. I stayed put there for close to an hour and photographed folk passing. I still didn’t see the end of the march until I decided to start walking towards it. There were folk from all across society – young, old, doctors, nurses, parents, priests, nuns, atheists, whole generations of families, every single part of society was represented and I was – for the first time as a photographer, a little overwhelmed.

It was very moving and when I was processing these images and came across a moment where someone had given me the privilege of posing for a picture without asking, I was emotional because they feel as I do. They were standing up for the same thing I stand up for and for the first time I didn’t feel isolated in how I felt. There is something to be said for that. Whether the 8th is repealed or not – there were people out in force who are standing up for what I feel is the right thing and I took their picture and I was proud to be there and to say to history – win, lose or draw, there are people who want what is right for society, who want equality for all humanity.

Here is what I saw through my lens that Saturday.

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